The Power with Grace

The Power with Grace helps you reach your highest potential for your health and wellness with live fitness and on demand classes.

Capitalize on the increasing demand in digital fitness classes by turning a new brand into a scalable ecommerce platform.

Grace Yu is a certified yoga instructor, ACE group fitness instructor, and TRX, PiYo, TurboKick, and Zumba instructor. She looked to take her live, in-person fitness classes online to create a community-based platform where she can connect with and inspire those just as passionate about dance, yoga, and fitness as she is.

The vision was to transform her brand, The Power with Grace (PWG), into a scalable membership business with live stream classes and on-demand, pre-recorded videos.

Mapping the membership experience

A video membership site focused on live or pre-recorded on-demand fitness classes required several significant components:

  1. The integration with a membership portal platform
  2. The design and structure of the user flow for members and non-members
  3. Define which pages each user is permitted to see
  4. Set the sequence in which the pages are shown to each user
  5. Website UI for a member dashboard, and hiding and showing pages and page elements from each user type

To create an enjoyable membership user experience, I had to run through all possible scenarios of how customers would use the site.

  • How would they like to log in, and which page would they log in from?
  • How many mouse clicks or phone taps will they need to execute before they logged in?
  • What should a member see when they first log in, and how does that experience differ on a computer, tablet, or smartphone?

One goal of PWG was to allow customers to conveniently access member content on any device at any time. I achieved a responsive browsing experience with custom layouts for each device screen.

Accessing a video membership website on a mobile device as a website is uncommon [often, developers create them as native smartphone apps], so the challenge was to make the website appear app-like on a smartphone. Desktop links and tabs transformed into easy-to-press mobile buttons.

Configuring complex product offerings

Site users can purchase individual classes, class add-ons, event tickets, apparel, and membership. I had to configure their database collection and the site's frontend to accommodate all of the class offerings. A single instance of a class created on the backend could serve both customer types on the frontend with different permissions on different pages.

A digital business for the future

Grace now has an online platform to share her guide to yoga and knowledge of fitness to individuals everywhere in the country. An efficient website means her viewership and revenue potential can grow exponentially while business operations can remain the same.