web design

Zoe Bios Creative

Creators of limited edition, original works of art, using streamlined processes that allows them to deliver with remarkable speed.

Establish a new ecommerce website that serves trade professionals as well as everyday consumers.

A collaborative partnership

As a growing business catering to consumers for the first time, they needed cohesive digital systems that would support their expansion. I worked closely with the founders to understand their current business operations, which was needed in order to determine where they were headed.

Creating a new brand identity

In conceiving a whole new website, ZBC wanted to present themselves as a premium, custom art, retailer. They needed not only art direction on new photography, but actual execution of product photography. The identity communicated a consistent UI, and a visual product page that showcased the elegance of their work.

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Designing the technological workflow

The task was to determine the technological operations on the backend that would enable their team to easily manage their site. With a large, image-heavy, product catalog, the product database needed several levels of filtering and categorization.

I leveraged my photography experience to establish their image processing blueprint. This consisted of creating Photoshop product templates and an inventory of image sizes, all designed to create visual consistency while optimizing for website performance.

Automating logistics