Zoe Bios Creative

Creators of limited edition, original works of art, using streamlined processes that allows them to deliver with remarkable speed.

Establish a new ecommerce website that serves trade professionals as well as everyday consumers.

A collaborative partnership

As a growing business catering to consumers for the first time, Zoe Bios Creative (ZBC) needed cohesive digital systems that would fully support and maximize their expansion. I worked closely with the design team to understand their current business operations and customer base to determine and implement the next steps.

Organizing content structure

Every new site redesign begins with a strategy session on information architecture and the digestion of content. Today's website users need to be able to access the information quickly and without friction.

This modern, efficient layout meant that we had to get inside the customer's mind and visualize the site's flow, the relationship between relevant pages, how much content to show, and what action we ultimately wanted them to take.

Creating the new website aesthetic

In conceiving a whole new website, ZBC wanted to present itself as a premium, custom art atelier. They needed not only art direction on photography for the ecommerce listing page, but their site as a whole. The identity communicated a consistent UI and a visual product page that showcased the elegance of their work.

Product pages received a premium redesign that showcased each art piece in different, beautiful settings, followed by clean and minimal product detail sections below the fold. This arrangement ensured the user could focus all attention on the art without distraction.

Designing the technology and workflow

The task was to determine the backend technology stack that would enable their team to upload and categorize an extensive catalog of products quickly and effectively. With a comprehensive, image-heavy product catalog, the product database needed several filtering and categorization levels.

To configure the database structuring, ZBC and I had to discuss ways to use the database on the back and frontend. Using Webflow CMS as the website platform, I could customize the data structure to include relevant data fields to their products. As a result, they could have fully optimized product template pages that remained beautifully simple and lean.

ZBC's extensive product catalog meant that they had 500+ images that needed to be processed efficiently. I leveraged my photography experience to establish their image processing blueprint, creating consistent product listing images across all merchandise—I launched Photoshop product templates and automated photo editing procedures. For ecommerce websites, especially those going after high-end markets, visual consistency and photo quality are paramount.

Perfecting the backend technology and workflow structure, which revolved around a significant number of products, was critical as it allowed for easy management of the site. ZBC, like many successful businesses, required that website management was simple and straightforward so that they could focus on their true passion: running their company.

Membership functionality for trade members

Many of their customers are independent retailers and trade professionals such as interior designers and decorators. These customers receive exclusive access to private art collections as well as discounted pricing.

The website required membership functionality to serve both exclusive members and everyday consumers seamlessly and efficiently. The website can hide "member-only" pages, where members can easily access exclusive products and pricing.

Responsive design

It was imperative for ZBC's website to be fully mobile responsive, commonly mistaken for being mobile "friendly." In a responsive design, layouts are customized and optimized for desktop, tablet, mobile landscape, and mobile portrait, rather than merely being "squeezed" into the mobile viewport, as with mobile-friendly sites.

Photos, button placement, alignment, and all other UI elements were styled differently and arranged to keep the user flow as succinct and enjoyable as possible.

Differentiation is Key

Much like ZBC beautifully combines the art world with the design world, I found a solution to create an unparalleled user experience with exceptional content curation, stellar functionality, and easy navigation that users will return to time and time again.

I worked with ZBC to create a site that is fully immersive, smart, and stands out to current and potential customers.