I'm Derek, a Digital Designer in Cupertino, CA

Derek Rungsea is no ordinary entrepreneur. His story begins over 15 years ago with a degree in architecture and a deep affection for design and photography.

Spinning off of architecture, Derek began his career by starting an ecommerce consumer lighting company.

By pursuing this business, he gained in-depth knowledge of product design and manufacturing while sharpening his skills in product photography, web design, and graphic design.

The beginning years of entrepreneurship are not for the faint of heart. Derek’s journey is no exception—those years were tough, and in the end his first business failed. His story could have ended then, as it does for many.

However, his relentless drive, endless self-education, and remarkable work ethic proved undefeatable. Because he learned the fundamental concepts of marketing funnels, logistics, operations, customer service, and much more, he was nowhere near done.

All of this experience led to his next product venture, consumer camera gear. Derek began to invest in the art of content creation and digital imagery.

Six years and $15,000 worth of equipment later

Successful entrepreneurs are life-long learners. Derek continues studying and discovering the creative and technical aspects of what makes content work and a great picture extraordinary.

Product photography is more than clicking a shutter button. His marketing vision and understanding of how to visually portray an object to a viewer, evoking the right emotional response, is second to none. Understand—this emotional response is the trigger that will convey trust, professionalism, and quality, all of which are necessary for sales conversions.

He excels in production design, a key element in turning ideas into reality. Since his first notebook sketches of product ideas, Derek consistently turns concepts into fully functional businesses. His understanding of the industry along with his insane work ethic allow for an unmatched ability to get things done.

So whether you have an Amazon or Shopify store, or are an emerging brand, you can count on his ability to deliver quality work, every time.