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8 Product Photography Tips to Increase Ecommerce Sales

Derek Rungsea
July 2, 2022
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Do you have your own ecommerce business or sell on a marketplace such as Amazon? As a professional product photographer who has had ecommerce businesses, I know how to take pictures that sell. I've created high quality images for ecommerce store owners and Amazon sellers. As a business owner, you want to do all you can to increase sales and make your products look incredible to customers.

In this post, I list my top tips that will have the most impact on your product images and make your products more enticing to potential customers. Whether you have a $50 budget or $500, these tips apply no matter what, so let’s get into it.


1. Use bright, natural, lighting

lighting for product photography

One of the most important things to remember when photographing products is to use good natural lighting. You need more lighting than you think to properly light your subject. When shooting indoors, try to shoot near a window so that you can take advantage of the daylight. You want to be as close to your window depending on how large it is, and if the light is too strong, you can use a white sheet to diffuse the lighting and make it more even.

To light your product correctly, you may also need to add a reflector, or white cardboard or foam board, situated opposite the light source, to bounce light back into your product. If you found you still don’t have enough light, you may shoot outside.

Another option is to use a photography lightbox. These are affordable accessories that ensure your products are professionally lit.

2. Use high quality images

Using high quality images means that the resolution is correct and the size of the image is large enough to display clearly on modern computers and mobile devices. Computer screens display images at 72dpi, and I recommend the longest image dimension to be between 1500px and 2000px. Going larger than 2000px with several images will start to slow down your web page loading time. Today’s smartphones, professional DSLR cameras, and mirrorless cameras can produce images up to 3000px and higher, which you can then crop down using photo editing software.

To save photos that look good on high resolution devices, such as Apple’s retina displays for example, you’ll need to save an image that is 2x in pixel dimensions, e.g. a 300px x 600px image becomes 600px x 1200px. Again, keep in mind that as this can double the file size, make sure there is good reason to use a large image.

3. Show multiple angles

Your customers are unable to see the product before they purchase, so it is your responsibility to show and explain as much of it to them as you can. If they can fully understand your product through images and without the need to ask you questions, you have done your job. Don’t leave your customers guessing!

4. Show important details

If you have unique features and details that differentiate your product from others, show it off! Having at least a couple of close up or macro photos can really help portray the quality of your products. By showing details, you are conveying to the customer that you have nothing to hide.

5. Show props to add creativity and scale

CBD product photo with props

Add some creativity with flat lays and props. A flat lay is an image taken directly overhead, or a “birds eye view” that allows you to create different layouts and product arrangements. In the eyes of your customer, props help associate your brand with other brands. Take it one step further and select props that your customers may already have purchased. The other beneficial thing about props is that they help show the scale of your product in relation to other objects.

6. Show lifestyle photos of the product being used

blonde haired woman using an electric scooter

One of the most important photos to have are lifestyle photos and in-use shots. Show how your product is being used, and by the appropriate users. Find models that represent your target customer so that they can help demonstrate how your product fits into the customer’s life. Research has shown that featuring images with people improves trust.

7. Use a white or solid colored background

I always recommend to have at least 2–4 white background photos (or other solid color) for your main product views. To do this, shoot your product against a white bed sheet or a blank wall. This will make it easy to remove the background by photo editing. If you don't have the capabilities to edit on your own, I recommend using a professional background removal service like pixelz. I've used them several times because they do very precise work with reliable delivery times, and at an affordable price. Once you have your product on a transparent background, you can use different colored backgrounds!

8. Photograph features that you as a buyer would like to see

Perhaps one of the most overlooked tips is putting yourself in your competitor’s shoes. When looking at your own product, what images would you want to see? When you purchase other online products, take note of what gets you to purchase, and what turns you away. Knowing how to select the right images that your customers will be looking for is critical to the success of your sales.


If you need to increase your ecommerce sales, then following these simple product photography tips will definitely give you the best chance at attracting new customers. From using natural lighting to paying attention to the small details can make a big difference in how your products are received by customers, you can’t underestimate the power of good product photography. It could be the reason you’re conversions aren’t as high as they should be!

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