Soul Poles

Makers of full customizable, eco-friendly, bamboo ski poles for kids and adults.

Transform a stale homepage and reorganize its content into a visually exciting ski accessories brand with clear product choices.

Soul Poles has been an established brand in its Utah community of passionate skiers. Their website needed a major facelift in order to increase sales and appear to their customers as an authority in the industry.

Looking at the old homepage design, it lacked design intent, visual coherence, photograph direction, and clear messaging. Sections and images were merely placed together to follow website structure and were not visualized together as design elements.

Even with only two flagship products, customers were confused right off the bat between those products and their differentiations. As a result of unclear product communication, customers were either hesitant to purchase or could not understand the product, giving rise to abandoned carts.

Achieving visual product communication

Soul poles needed a clear product communication strategy unified by fresh visuals and logical content hierarchy. I started first with designing photography direction and needed to turn their brand into a lifestyle.

The founders of the company are very experienced skiers so I knew the homepage photos needed to depict skilled skiers in scenic, extreme, environments. As their products were built for that kind of use, this imagery would reaffirm that strength and quality.

Content hierarchy

Instead of pitting their two bamboo products identically next to each other and in the same photo style, I isolated them in their own sections. This way each product would benefit from different copywriting and feature highlights.

With this better arrangement, customers were not confused between two choices and instead, could learn about each product on its own and how it could fit their needs.

By using content hierarchy and correct messaging to answer the "who" and the "what," website browsers could easily understand the brand identity, and the product being sold. Paired with a modern, aggressive, look and feel, Soul Poles will start to appear more mainstream in the eyes of their customers as a sleek, lifestyle ski brand.